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Studio Soundproofing

NYTC International Group Portfolio

NYTC has been involved in many projects from the very smallest of works to international large scale operations. We pride ourselves on ethical, greed free policy infused with unbeatable drive to advance our technology, services and products in an ever changing world. We have proven time and time again our products are the best on the market and this reflects in our ability to win contracts over our competitors. This and of course our unbeatable skill set in our technology behind our brand.

We are the only manufacture of soundproofing insulation, soundproofing materials, soundproofing products & Acoustic products and materials in South East Asia.
We are the only manufacture and seller of Soundproofing Grade ‘Rockwool’ Insulations, Anything else is thermal insulation and not the same thing at all.
“We know you know your stuff, We could have picked anyone in the world for this project, but we picked you Ned, what does that tell ya?...” Universal Studios

Below is a small sample of the work we have done.

SINGAPORE: Resorts World at Sentosa (RWS) Universal Studios
NYTC was called in when expert assistance was required with acoustics that lead to Ned Nelson Acoustic Engineer to design and innervate an Acoustic curtain unique to the project now known as the “NoiseBlock Acoustic Curtain” a globally recognized flame retardant multi core sound barrier that retains an acoustically non reflective surface and amazingly can pass NFPA 701 standard and still be in the form of a curtain. In someplace the curtain is hanging 15m in height weighing in over 150k. Such was the requirement that NoiseBlock Acoustic Curtain was to be used extensively. As a result of the sheer brilliance of Nelson it was no surprise to hear that universal wanted him to be involved in further acoustic issues of the project and thus opened the doorway to Nelson re-designing another acoustic curtain for use with operable barrier section of the revenge of the mummy ride. 

SINGAPORE: PS Studios Singapore
In 2009 PS Studios decided to create its first studio in Singapore with a twist. The twist was that it needed to offer a variable acoustic performance in its soon to be 2 room studio. This was to be in the form or an Acoustic Prism™ The acoustic prism was designed based on the requirement PS had for a 3 sided object that could produce different acoustics based on the surface. Following a design that PSL had supplied an improved version was created and implemented; which could be all controlled using HP touch screen display. This was not the only wonder in the project, the room was required to have a NC20 rating which for many companies still to date is almost impossible to do. The NoiseBlock NC20 Barrier unique to NYTC and of course designed by Ned Nelson produces such brilliance and not only that at an unbelievable price. In addition to the soundproofing and acoustic works, NYTC also were asked to design and build the new office including full submission work, drawings and design integration. 

SINGAPORE: Singapore Formula One Grand Prix
We were asked to supply a last minute solution to engine noise that would be causing distress to the Prime Minister & Presidential observation box. With a time scale of only 62 hours and no budget left to support a recommend solution the task was near impossible. However 1 duel layer solution was achieved and the results were enjoyed by all. Since the initial project NYTC has designed a special Noise Barrier called NoiseBlock™ ActiveXSound Barrier V1/F1 this barrier will now be proposed for use on all F1 Projects & not just in Singapore globally. Recent developments of our barrier see now architects specifying our barrier for use on construction sites as a effective solution for industrial noise pollution. 

SINGAPORE: Singapore Hand Of God Church           (2013) 
Often is the case that we are subcontracted for many of the Acoustic & Soundproofing projects in Singapore, most of the time we are not allowed disclosed our works and are sworn to secrecy. For this project we were contacted by a well known acoustic company and the main contractor for the project to design and build their recording studios in their new building. We also provided for them Acoustic insulation for all the buildings walls and provided all the electrical installation.
The recording room featured a specialist alignment configuration of the walls and which created perfect diffusion in the environment.

Singapore: CHIJ School Toa Payoh 
The school had converted there hall to use a speaker system for use with performances and hall meetings. Due to the schools acoustics there was a massive problem with reverberation. The school had asked many companies to quote on the job and to address how to solve the problem but the companies and experts could not solve the problem. The school was recommended to NYTC and Mr. Nelson was asked to visit the site. He did so and proposed a solution that was not only effective but not expensive either. The school was so happy with the result that they wrote personally to Mr. Nelson to thank him for his efforts.

Singapore: Woodlands Evangelical Free Church 
The church was undergoing a massive renovation project to create a impressive 4 story community worship center. The awarded acoustic consultants were concerned of availability of high performance materials suitable for the project. We were asked to design and manufacture a specialist range of acoustical products to assist with the tuning and audio performance of the churches environments.
We designed a specialist board for the 1st level ground floor that utilized a continuous ceiling with specialist intersections to allow for echo to be absorbed into its system. The 2nd Floor we provided specialist soundproofing materials for a recording room. The 3rd Floor used was a very tricky situation and required high end echo control using our 3D foam we were able to remove echo in a gigantic area, this before now was considered impossible.
The spherical panel used for the 1st level ground floor can be seen installed in Scape at orchard.

Singapore: Hans Restaurant, Bedok         (2011) 
The amazing design concept produced by the I.D company was their biggest concern Acoustically, In design this modern futuristic environment they had created a echo nightmare, we were asked by the I.D Consultant to work with them to make their dreams come true, not only for them but also for the client. Using a specialist Acoustic panel Called the Quadratic Panel we were able to control the acoustics and bring harmony to the environment. Everybody was very happy with the results and if you get chance please visit them to see.

Singapore: Medley Music School
We were asked to assist the owner in designing and building a 7 Room Music School on a tight budget but to a higher spec than what local Singapore consultants had specified. After a lot of hard work we designed a system that not only met the budget but outperformed that of our competitors.

Singapore: Live Amp – China Town Plaza
Our friends down at live amp professional rehearsal studios were facing difficulties with noise leakage in their old venue after using another company to install. This time they wanted make sure things were done right. A new venue was found and NYTC were asked to assist them in ensuring noise levels were reduced to a minimum that would satisfy URA and surrounding tenants.
There budget was an issue and we had to think of ‘out of the box’  way to give best value for money and performance. The result of the 6 Layer system was enjoyed by all as a good solution to the solving the problem.

Singapore: ExxonMobil – Jurong Island 
Due to a problem with their current Acoustical Soundproof door they were not experiencing the desired STC value that they had hoped for. We were asked to replace the door with our NoiseBlock 7 Layer door which after installation solved the problem. Since then we have been contracted regarding other sound issue they look to resolving.

Singapore: Jurong Town Council – Bukit Batok RC
After having soundproofing treatments carried out to the community centre KTV Club, there was inserficant improvement we were asked to come in and investigate what had gone wrong, how to fix it and to implement as soon as possible.
There was a tender raised and due to our high spec other companies were not able to offer the solution unless they purchased from us.
The noise level was a staggering 100+dB in the unit and in the effected joining unit they were receiving a peak of 70dB. After our installation noise levels were reduce to the 50’s.

Singapore: Shell
In the renovation works for one of their vessels we were asked to assist in reducing cabin noise that was currently above the safety requirements. After installation of Marine Grade Soundproofing solutions that noise level was considerable reduced and back within industry standards. Positive feedback was given by all concerned.

Indonesia: Inparco 
We were asked to assist in the renovation works of a passenger vessel to ensure that best possible sound reduction good be achieved based on a weight restriction and lead time for manufacturing. We solved both and the result met the requirements of client. 

Singapore: Jeb Asia
Worried about noise transmission from the floor, they asked for our assistance to specify a material that would perform well to this requirement. We supplied the NoiseBlock IsoMat G10 and received positive feedback from their designer.

Singapore: Iluma: Filmgarde Cinema
Problems with their auditoriums sound leakage NYTC were asked to assist in sealing the issue. After a few onsite sessions we were able to pin point the problem and later solve, giving our clients the results that they wanted.

Singapore: M Media Television Studios Singapore   (2011)
We were asked to assist and co-ordinate their move to Singapore and the design and build of their Singapore Television Studios. The project has helped to bring new jobs into Singapore and NYTC have been awarded the contract to build another 5 Studios in other countries in Asia including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam to name a few.

Singapore: S.I.M 2012
Acoustic Treatment works done for their main hall to improve quality of acoustics in the room, starting with the stage area and over a period of 1-2 years cover the entire hall.

Singapore: Tanglin Shopping Centre - Madison Music School 
We designed and built the school from an empty shell into the delightful musician’s dream it is today. This included the electrical, Interior Design, Soundproofing & Acoustics, M&A and much more. Madison meets the ABRSM standard for examination centres which is very difficult for contractors to achieve.

Singapore: Orchard Road - TAB 
Tab was experiencing complaints from local residents in nearby condos and the Singapore Police Force became involved along with N.E.A. We assisted them to reduce 110 dB noise coming out of their club to 50dB in the residents homes through our NoiseBlock Glass technology and other soundproofing treatments.

Singapore: Orchard Plaza - Neverland 
Neverland was requested by Singapore Police Force along with N.E.A. to investigate noise complaints and solve the problem. We assisted them to reduce 115 dB noise coming out of their club to 48dB in the residents homes through our NoiseBlock soundproofing treatments.

Singapore: Suntec City 7D Cinema 2014 
We had been recommend to the company from Suntec city management to the customer for building of their interactive cinema. 
There was a high requirement for soundproofing treatment and to ensure that the noise did not disturb neighbouring tenants. Our work and systems did just that.
The work was tested before and after and past all acoustic tests and met all of the plaza KPI's.

Singapore: Parkway - Bollywood Dance - 2014 
We provided a complete solution from the demolition of the existing unit, designing, submission, carpentry, electrical, interior design concepts and soundproofing. The only thing we did not do was the air con which was done by the shopping malls own contractor. After the build there was a major issue with the AC system breaking down caused from using a 220v system that was not compatible with the 3 phase power system of the building. No one was able to explain the problem so we investigated after doing some very detailed studying we found that this was caused from the building supply ranging from L1 225v, L2 240v and L3 252v and that the air con was a domestic system only able to work with low voltage systems. We rerouted the air con to only run from the L1 225v power supply and fixed the problem.

Singapore: IBC International Baptist Church 
The work that we do for church is at cost and we try our best to donate and fund the project as much as we can using our NFP Grant scheme.
The actual market price for this project would have been around $80,000.00 for this works. We did for around $40,000.00 including money given by our CEO and the company NFP Grant brought the figure down to $40,000.00
The consultancy and design work was done for free and the electrical works also at no cost. We pride ourselves in supporting our local communities and hope that by doing this work at cost they will have the budget to spend helping others.

Singapore: Chimes 
We were recommended to assist the chimes with designing and implementing a new shop front that would not alter the architectural construction concept but implement high level sound reduction at a cost effective price.
We created a specialist staggered glazing system using our PX20 Noise Block Glass system that reduced massive amounts of noise and was incorporated into a rustic timber frame shop front that we had also designed to follow the architectural design.

Singapore: Zion Church 
Again with this church we offered free consultancy, design and also donated and funded the project as much as we could using our NFP Grant scheme and money given by or CEO.
The works done were for sound reduction walls and floors that covered a large extensive area. We also did very detailed acoustic noise study reports.

Singapore: Total Petroleum International 
We were asked to assist the main contractor with the design and build of their 38 floor Board room and 37 Floor area, previously they had concerns with noise leakage done by another noise consultant firm.
The materials used in the previous works done and spec did not conform to noise control known specifications of practices. This was due to thermal insulation rockwool being used, poor quality installation, metal structure, rubber and normal gypsum board.
We assisted to specifiy the main contractor with the correct design using propper noise mitigation measures and the use of authentic noise control materials there after we installed and the results prove why we are the best in our field.

Singapore: One North - Media Corp Mediapolis 
In October 2012 we were contacted by Media Corp regarding consultancy and assistance with their developing project at One North. Our senior consultant Ned Nelson was asked to review designs, products, materials and systems that were proposed and to be used in the new project. Since then we have re designed and proposed improved designs that are now to be implemented in a massive 30,000.00 square meter area. The project shall be using our Noiseblock bbb-ds that has been approved for use.
This project is still in progress but never the less it is significant in its works.

Singapore: Duxton Road - CruCycle
We designed and developed the Acoustics and Noise Control environment for the CruCycle Singapore. This included consultancy, design and build using our NoiseBlock range of products. The project used our budget wall system with the additional of another layer of NoiseBlock DFB+ and NoiseBlock BBB-DS. 
This resulted in high levels of noise reduction at an affordable price. The doors were constructed using our NBG Solid Core door, however we still feel that DUO NBG Solid core doors are the best. Having said that; you can stand at one side of the door and someone hearing at the other side are still unable to communicate.

Singapore: Tai Seng - Hallelujah Church 
(NFP) Non For Profit Grant Donation 
Awarded   Above $10,000.00
Pastor Morgan came to us with a problem of sound leakage at his church in Tai Seng. The building design and construction was such that the floor and walls of the building had not been enclosed properly and allowed massive amounts of leakage.
We designed and installed a tailor made system that would solve the problems that he was facing and we also installed an Acoustic carpet.

2015 NYTC Shall be moving its window manufacturing plant to Singapore to create many new jobs for locals and helping to supply to HDB, Private Property, Condos, Commercial and Government sectors there famous soundproofing windows.