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Soundproofing Walls

Our soundproofing Range for walls is unbeatable and the same can be said for the performance of our systems and products for soundproofing for walls.
We are very proud of our materials and believe that there is no comparison to anything else on the market for performance and cost effectiveness.

Walls can be the source of problems for many different types of Noise pollution. Either you are creating Noise or your neighbor is creating noise for you.

All most all contractors believe that rockwool + gypsum board = soundproofing and they would be wrong. Why do we say this, actually they have the right idea just they need to improve the concept.
Rockwool by design is for thermal insulation in the home. Its normally used in cold countries like the United Kingdom and other parts of the world like Germany and so on.
Rockwool for soundproofing or the official name mineral glass fiber needs to be of a much higher density in order to give a decent reduction in noise levels.
Our NoiseBlock DFB+ is mainly sold at 260kg density and 200kg density this is the highest in the world and was proud of it.
Using this with our high density NoiseBlock Gypsum Board brings home the result you want high density and high reduction.
As well as these 2 products you will also need a soundproofing membrane like NoiseBlock BBDS or NoiseBlock IsoMat or sometimes both.

Soundproofing Walls