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Soundproofing Solutions using NoiseBlock Systems Soundproofing across Asia

Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing is the treatment of a surface to create a barrier to stop noise from passing through this barrier to the other side.
Soundproofing is a relatively new concept in residential and normal commercial environments. It is only in the last 5 years that because of increased population sizes that create louder working environments that we now see the increased need to create a more peaceful place in our homes.
NoiseBlock Systems Soundproofing range has to be said that it is one of the most effective soundproofing range of products not only throughout Asia but the world. We manufacture Soundproofing Membranes, Soundproofing Insultation (Rockwool) NoiseBlock DFB, Noise Resistant Gypsum Board, Sound Absorption Foams, Noise Proof Glass, Noise Reductive Doors and Silent Floors.

This combination of products allows us to combat even the most serious of Noise Pollutions. Using our 
NoiseBlock Glass Range we are able to treat existing windows in peoples home, offices or industrial factories without the need for total replacement of the window. This has proven to be a big success for people looking for a fast solution to reducing the noise.
In addition to the NoiseBlock Glass we are also provide full window replacement and secondary glazing for cases where the noise level are too high for normal methods.

NoiseBlock DFB (Dense Fiber Block) (Rockwool) is making big advancements in the world of Rockwool and is on its way to becoming the new standard for noise insulation material. 
We are very proud of the results that our brand can offer and we fill that at the same time affordability by keeping the price down has helped to get this product used on even the lowest building budget.
Our Sound Insulation DFB should always be used with our NoiseBlock GypBoard (soundproofing gypsum board) to give the best possible results.

Soundproofing Membranes is a result of our research and development projects to create new ways of reducing the effects of noise. Most people and professionals think that Rockwool and Gypsum board are the only 2 products used for soundproofing; and they would be wrong.
Membranes play one of the most important parts in soundproofing effectively without membranes the solutions provides are not able to remove low bass frequencies or very high aggressive sound. Membranes are also able to create floating structure and isolate one surface from another.
Products Like our NoiseBlock IsoMat, NoiseBlock BarrierMat and our NoiseBlock BBDS /BY-BDS is said by many that they are the best products around for combating noise.

NoiseBlock BBDS /BY-BDS is also used for soundproofing for vehicles such as cars, vans, MRT, Trains, Planes and ships.

Sound Absorption & Acoustics Foams NoiseBlock Range
When it comes to Sound Absorption & Acoustics Foams NoiseBlock Range is unbeatable we are able to manufacture over 200 different types of foam from our plant. Our foams have been praised for their cost effective and impressive results delivered time and time again. In 2010 Ned Nelson designed a new foam that has been selling fast in the Singapore market NoiseBlock 3D Foam is set to replace the use of egg shell / egg box foam. It design not only can absorb sound and remove reverberation echo’s but it also can defuse the sound to create a much more attractive acoustical performance space.
This is not achievable with the old egg box foam.
One of the other reasons why It was necessary to redesign the old favorite was quaintly in the market at present in Singapore and across Asia acoustic normal foams such as bed mattress, computer or electronics packing foam and seat cushion foam to name a few are being sold as Acoustic foams.
This is because many look very similar to the egg box foam design so people and professional find it difficult to see the difference until they hear the result and by then it’s too late. The same can be said for Car soundproofing.

The NoiseBlock 3D foam looks very different and works very effectively. Mr. Ethan Ong thinks so he writes August 28 2010 “Tks Mathias n Ned for the acoustic foams. They are really effective in removing echo in my humble home theatre room. Regards Ethan Ong.

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