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Soundproofing for Cars

Soundproofing for cars can be a nightmare, there are so many fake products and materials on the market all claiming that they are genuine soundproofing materials. Some of these products include Bluetac painted black with cooking foil, Black Bluetac with cooking foil and plasterseen.
These do little to sound insulate your car and cost crazy prices that so many people are paying.

If in doubt make sure the company has test data on the products.
Normally customers will call us and explain to us about the experience with soundproofing. This basically ends with the customer asking for help because of the previous companies’ materials not working.
We are always here to help, we want people to come to NYTC for our NoiseBlock Systems trusting our brands and enjoying life more with our help.

1. NoiseBlock BBDS (Bitumen Based Damping Sheet)

This to date is one of the best ways for reducing vibration noise and at the same time sound reduction. We have full test data and customers always give great feedback.

2. NoiseBlock BY-BS (Bytel Based Damping Sheet)

If you need to cover you engine lid then this is the product for you. It also comes with a foam finish for increased sound reduction.

3. NoiseBlock MEGAMAT Soundproofing Shield
NoiseBlock MEGAMAT Soundproofing Shield is combination of Bitumen Bytral Aluminum and Foam all formed into a 10mm thick sheet this is the ultimate in soundproofing for cars.

Car Soundproofing