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Soundproofng Windows

Windows can be very tricky to soundproof. This is because when we mean soundproof we are talking about a solution that allows us to do a treatment to your existing window rather than remove it. 
Standard windows can allow a lot of sound to enter and escape normally down to the thickness of the glass used and the quality of the frame.
When aluminum is used for window frames it can always cause sound problems. Thin cheap aluminum will result in a high level of noise transfer from outside to in, this happens when cars or engine type noise are able to vibrate the aluminum and reverberate inside the frame.

Our NoiseBlock Glass solution is very effective at reducing the noise that penetrates through the existing glass and into your room.

We can also help with the noise from the gaps in the frame by using special NoiseBlock Isolation Tape.

Ideally the best methods are to use a Plaspex frame but the cost is very high, so instead we recommend a dense aluminum to be used instead.

Other options include secondary glassing which is great when you are not able to remove your old window but are happy to install a second window behind.

Soundproofing Windows