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Soundproofing Membranes

Soundproofing membranes are a vital part in soundproofing and noise control in today's world.
As we have said before one of the Laws of soundproofing is Density and secondaly we also say that hardness cannot exceed density.
So what does this mean? In order to be able to treat sometime of frequencies Soundproofing Membranes are needed to either create shield or barrier or to allow a absorption by dispersing the sound across its circumference.

They are an essential part of modern day soundproofing and should not be overlooked in the design of your system.

There are some important points to take into consideration, just because its rubber doesn't mean that it is good or can work for soundproofing.
We have seen time and time and time again wrong materials used for the jobs. This theory was presented to us once by a soundproofing contract that phone NYTC and complained that our NoiseBlock BarrierMat did not work at all in his soundproofing solution.
In actual fact we had not sold him any soundproofing materials.
He explained that he come to our office at 1092 Lower Delta Road Singapore and Saw our NoiseBlock BarreirMat 4 and decided to go and by from elsewhere some black rubber that looked the same.
His complaint was that it was black and rubber so why did it not work. This is the problem, just because its black and the other material is black does not mean it is the same compound.
So all people and contractors reading this please use the proper materials. Black Bluetac is not a substitute for bitumen.

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