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NoiseBlock IsoMat G10 Specification Sheet

This Hi sound reduction membrane is perfect for any soundproofing project.
Its Special formula will significantly improve the overall performance or your system.
Perfect for low Bass frequencies.

IsoMat works by creating isolation between adjoining surfaces. The separation and division of the two surfaces can have a big impact on the transmission of sound and the dissipation.
This IsoMat's unique composition allows sound to be refracted in a form of diffusion that gives a much better reduction in sound transference through the IsoMat Material.

The product can also be made in an interlocking form for easy soundproofing treatment of floors. Once all IsoMat's are conected they will form a tight skin that reduces the possibly of holes.
This then creates an excellent soundproofing floor resistant to noise.

Field Study
NoiseBlock IsoMat G10 Vs Acoustic Drum kit
Surface: Floor

The client had been receiving complaints from his below neighbors when playing his Acoustic drums. A Sound Level was taken of the average noise level from the client, this measured at 90 dB - 98 dB.
After two layers of treatment using the IsoMat G10 we received feedback that the neighbour has stopped complaining of the noise.
This we felt was conclusive of the positive results of using NoiseBlock Soundproofing.

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