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Studio Soundproofing

NoiseBlock BarrierMat

BarrierMat is our soundproofing budget product, it comes in rolls and is very easy to use. NoiseBloc BarrierMat cannot be used only it needs to be used with other materials specifically relating to the finishing. The main problem is that when the polymer gets hot it can give off a fragrance that some people don’t like.

This is normal and is in no way dangerous for heath, however design wise it doesn’t look good at all, You need to cover it with a nice looking finishing layer.

For floors it is recommended that you use at least 5mm thickness in order to achieve any auditable results. You will then need to cover with Plywood and then finish after in earthier wood, laminate, carpet etc.

When using with walls it can be used with our NoiseBlock Gypsum Board or any other finish.

Barrier mat works best as an added soundproofing layer to give a boost to any soundproof system for added db reduction. Because of the nature of the material it work well against bass but no way near as good as NoiseBlock BBDS or NoiseBlock IsoMat.

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