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Studio Soundproofing


Acoustic foams and soundproofing foams are terms used mainly for Acoustic Foams that also have the ability to absorb noise as you would expect.
Foams are mainly used for a finishing layer in the construction of studios, music halls, night clubs, theatres cinemas and even Transformer Rides at Universal Studios Singapore.

Traditionally eggbox foam was the biggest selling Acoustic Foam in Singapore that is now changing thanks to our New NoiseBlock 3D Foam.

The reason for our change of mind with the eggbox foam was all because of problems with the market. Too many products that were normal foams are being sold throughout the world as Acoustic Foams, In Singapore there are many companies doing this, we have found PC and Electrical packaging form being sold, Chair Cushion Foam, Wine Packaging foam and many more.

And in some cases distributers have told customers that the foam they are selling is NoiseBlock Acoustic Foam.

So we changed the design and created a new range of Acoustic Foams enjoy.

1. NoiseBlock 3D Foam 
NoiseBlock 3D Foam is a special composition of polymer foam designed to absorb reflection noise and also defuse frequencies to give a much more improved acoustic environment for the end user.
The technology lays in the material compound itself that gives a better performance that our competitors.
Product available in black, white and other colours too.
We also offer a Fire Resistance version for your consideration.

2. NoiseBlock IsoMat Foam
IsoMat foam is an extremely high density sound absorption foam design for use with a soundproofing system to absorb noise high levels of aggressive bombarding noise that would normally be resignation the NoiseBlock Board finishing layer.
We are able to manufacture this product in density as high as 220KG if required. It is ideal for marine use, industrial and for air conditioning and great for vehicles.

3. NoiseBlock IsoMat BBDS Foam
All the soundproofing results of the Standard IsoMat Foam with the increased effect of BBDS to remove vibration and transmission noise and to create a soundproof resistant barrier to low bass frequencies.

4. NoiseBlock Barrier Foam
Barrier Foam is a closed cell or one sided Open sell Flame retardant heavy duty foam, it come in roll foam and is great for a cost effective soundproofing solution for pipes and other such structures. This comes in various thicknesses and of course the thicker the better.