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Studio Soundproofing

Looking for a carrier with NYTC International group? Are you sure?

NYTC is not your normal typical company, we are strange, unique and you either love our way of life or hate it!

We are looking for: Highly Motivated, Disciplined, Hardworking non selfish or greedy minded people; that don't mind getting their hands dirty if the call comes.
The Successful candidate must possess the will to work hard to be loyal to the company and look at the Job as a long term carrier. 
Job hoppers beware we do a full employment history check before we take you on.

Soundproofing Materials

Our salary is low and if you like money you don't want to work for us. Regardless of who you are your rate of pay is the same as anyone else, $5 Singapore Dollars per hour 8:30 – till – 5:00 and $10 for overtime and for Saturday working.
The Unique Difference, 
Still reading, (smile) you may have what it takes then.
Lunch is paid for by the company, McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, Food Center, within reason.
If your job requires you need transport, guess what you get a company vehicle. Here the sweet parts, Every Project that you successfully complete you take home 10% of that cake. That's right 10% of the profit!
You may also be eligible for the following: 15 days holiday each year with an increase of 1 day every year you stay in the company. Heath Care insurance plan, School care plan and much, much, more.
These days people hate their Job and hate work, hopping around, we don't want that we all want the same thing a place to call home.
NYTC The future is good 

NYTC Referral Offer
Are you a Designer, Interior Designer, Builder, Renovation Contractor, Sales Rep and looking for a boost in revenue?

We pay 10% referral commission for any jobs given to us from very small scale jobs to large budget jobs based on the profit margins, currently we have had great success with referrals every year, and we are looking to make that more.
Our soundproofing and building materials are excellent value for money and so what more can you say, Choose NYTC.