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Studio Soundproofing


Developer and Inventor Acoustic Engineer Mr. Netaro Sung in 2009 created the world’s first specifically designed Noise Resistant High Density Gypsum Board. 
Our special board is manufactured to a manufactured to a much higher density than that of normal board not limiting the board there we added into its characteristics a special sound absorption core to create what we think is one of the best boards on the market for price and quality results.
Typically we sell our boards to countries around the world including United Kingdom UK (England, Scotland & Wales) Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, America, India, Dubai, Indonesia, Brunei and many more.

We are not limited to Soundproofing Gypsum Boards but we can also manufacture, supply and ship Fireproof (Fire Resistant) Gypsum Boards, Moisture Resistant and Acoustic Boards for ceilings, these can be made in any size you want with a typical requirement of at least 1 20ft container.

All boards meet ISO Standards for quality and we have full technical data for your peace of mind.

For more information download our specification data sheet or click to visit our shop or place an online order enquiry.

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