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Studio Soundproofing

NoiseBlock DFB Rockwool

For many years it has been the industry standard to use thermal mineral glass fiber as a soundproofing insulation material without little development in the technology but more focus in cheaper prices. 
NoiseBlock DFB Rockwool is product that will stand out for decades to come. For our soundproofing range our density is the highest manufactured in the world. We can achieve density above 200kg per cubic meter and our composition is also impressive.

We use highly Sound Resistant binders to achieve a new level of noise control.
Some of our other variations include ADFB Acoustic Dense Fiber Block that has a special Acoustic Skin bonded covering the entire block that then is used with our Acoustic range of product shells.
Companies such as Panasonic and Universal Studios have used our DFB over familiar brands like CSR and Rockwool and we have had more than positive feedback on the noise reduction results.
DFB is best used with our NoiseBlock Gypsum Board for best results but can be used with other brands; of course the sound reduction will be lesser with a standard board.

We manufacture various different grades ranging from Marine Grade, Noise Control Grade to Thermal grade. DFB is specified mainly for use with cavity walls and dry walls or floors in offices, homes, studios, industrial factory enclosures, cinemas and many more.

Noise Enclosures

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