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Studio Soundproofing

NYTC Rockwool

NYTC Rockwool is the typical standard building Rockwool Insulation that is used all over the world. If you’re looking for local quality and at a good price our Rockwool is perfect for you.
Standard Rockwool densities range from 40kg to 100kg and are yellow in colour typical used for budget office solution or thermal application in the home. 
However they are the choice for most people that are looking for a budget option.

We manufacture typically 100 containers per month of this grade of Rockwool and export or sell to countries around the world including United Kingdom UK (England, Scotland & Wales) Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, America, India, Dubai, Indonesia, Brunei and many more.

Our products meet the required ISO standards and have Fireproof Certification at A1 Class.

Soundproofing Studios

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