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Noise Control is a problem for every single human being on the Earth in today’s world. No one can escape the problems and irritations caused by Noise. There of course health risks as many people are finding out form prolonged exposure to Noise and unwanted Sounds.
Not limiting to the building sites, bars and clubs, Motor Sports and so on.

Noise is one of the main reasons why so many people are becoming more and more stressed and with lack of quality sleep. In the past Noise did not present itself as a pollutant because many of us lived in smaller towns or cities where there was less congestion. Things have now changed, in the late 90’s an increase in construction and demolition of smaller property to be replaced by multi-story flats for residential use rocketed to an all time high throughout the world.
More and more people are living and occupying the same area now thanks to multi-story 20th century living. This with the increase of transportation expansion has created more cars and vehicles on the road and the result is more and more noise. An increase of 10-20dB on the people at home to have to listen to the noise of motor bikes, cars, boy racers with too fast and furious influenced exhaust systems and what have we done to stop it.
We made more and more apartments with larger window sizes to allow more noise to enter.

NYTC was the first company in Singapore and South East Asia to recognize this problem and help people to bring back the peace in their home. Recognized by councils, professional and many people as the official organization in sound control maters. NYTC’s NoiseBlock system is proving to be a powerful force in combating noise in today’s world.
Ned Nelson Speaks for the companies head office in Singapore: It has taken us a longtime to get from where we started until now, and we have still a long way to go. Since our Research and development finished of the New NoiseBlock range of Acoustic and soundproofing Building Materials in 2007 we have not only created products that work, but products that are better than anything else I believe in existence today.

And that is why when there is a problem with noise issues government departments come to NYTC for our NoiseBlock solution and we are more than happy to do are duty to support and play apart in our head offices nation of Singapore and many other counties to assist in the solution to Noise Control.